Privacy policy

Register holder

Puusepänliike Hannes Oy
Pappilantie 11
14820 Tuulos

Business ID: 2078263-6

Person responsible for customer register issues

Hannes Vähäsöyrinki
Tel. +358500895510

Register name

Puusepänliike Hannes Oy:n customer registry

Use of register

The register is used for maintaining customer relations, correspondence with customers and marketing. The information in the register is used for Puusepänliike Hannes Oy’s own direct marketing, unless the customer does not wish to receive direct marketing. The customer information contained in the register will not be submitted to third parties.

Information contained in the register

The information provided by customers on the order form: the customer’s name, name of his/her company, address and contact information (email address, telephone number). Information concerning order history, and method of payment.

Sources of information of the register

The information is gathered from the information provided by the customer on the order form. The customer can disallow the receipt of direct marketing mail, such as special offers.

Submitting information in the register to third parties

Information in this customer register will not be submitted to third parties.

Principles of protecting the register

The information is stored electronically. The information is processed as confidential and only the person named above has access to the information contained in the register.

Rights of registered persons

The customer has the right to check and correct any information pertaining to him/her stored in the register and has the right to disallow the storage of this same information. The customer can exercise this right by contacting the register holder’s contact person.